A Northern Colorado “School of Ministry”
Not knowing the Word of God is often a stumbling block to one’s worship, evangelism, and discipleship. But when believers are equipped in God’s Word their confidence in God grows, as does their confidence in their ability to speak with others about their faith.

Several Biblically-based, gospel-centered churches across the community of Windsor are teaming up to provide a safe and trusting environment where believers can learn and grow in their knowledge of the Bible and of the key doctrines of our faith in Jesus.
The goals of this school of ministry are:
  • To “feed the biblically hungry” and help eradicate biblical illiteracy and complacency in the local churches.
  • To help develop and empower Bible teachers and give them a valuable outlet for their gift of teaching.
  • To display and practice biblical unity among like-minded, Spirit-led, gospel-preaching churches. Instead of seeing other churches as “competition,” we view one another as teammates for the Kingdom.
Courses like the following are just some of the ones that can be offered. Of course, other courses can be offered depending upon the needs of the body:

Survey of Christian Doctrine
• An overview of some of the key doctrines of Scripture.

Old Testament Survey
• An overview of the 39 books of the Old Testament, including key eras, people, and events.

New Testament Survey
• An overview of the 27 books of the New Testament, including key people, events, and doctrines.

Discipleship 101
• Covers 12 fundamentally important areas of discipleship that every believer should be well-versed in.

Church History Survey
• An overview of the different eras of the church.

Spiritual Disciplines
• Covers 11 different areas of personal growth for every believer.