There’s a saying that I live by when it comes to community outreach: “You must invest in your community before your community invests in you.”
With the growing physical needs that people have in the Northern Colorado region, we want to join in with other local churches and do our part to help meet and serve those needs.

Serve 6.8 is a local Christian organization that is able to create a strong network of churches to meet the needs of the community by maximizing resources and volunteers from local and national business and church partners.

Churches pull on the resources from the larger SERVE 6.8 network to provide direct care to their neighbors. Churches can dream big through using the shared strength of the network.

Individuals and Families are able to connect with a neighborhood church to receive resources and find a community to belong to while hearing the Gospel message.

Commission Church is a partner with Serve 6.8, whose vision is this: “Our vision is to build up the local Church to meet the needs of a community while reconciling broken relationships with God, self, other, and creation. We will mobilize, resource, and connect the local Church with both volunteer and biblical care principles to fulfill the work they have been called to do in the name of Jesus Christ.”